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Social Investigations can be requested by the Court to assist in making decisions related to family matters. Reports are presented to the Court after a thorough investigation, to assist in understanding the family dynamics and other issues related to the proceeding.


If you are looking to adopt a child, it is mandatory that a home study be completed by a quailified provider. Through a series of visits we gathering information and getting a complete picture of you and your family. A home study may include but is not limited to a complete family background, financial background, criminal clearances and reference investigation. A complete home study can at times be time consuming and nerve wracking.

We are here to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible as you enter the adoption journey.


Psychotherapy is designed to encourage communication and insight into problems, with the goal being relief of symptoms and changes in behavior leading to improved social and vocational functioning, and personality growth.


Lisa McDermott is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Licensed Mental Health Counselor who will work with the parties to help them reach mutually acceptable resolutions.

The process of mediation and dialog facilitates an early and voluntary resolution of issues as opposed to court imposed resolutions. Mediation services include parenting coordination, victim offender dialogue and family mediation.


Parenting coordination is utilized to manage high conflict ongoing child custody issues. Using the services of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, parents find ways to work through and navigate the ongoing issues to create solutions that are reduce the stress on the children.

Parenting coordination can be private or court ordered but requires the agreement of participation of both parents.